Chronic desire

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Gestural energetic abstraction, expressive brushstrokes.
This painting is an intimate conversation about the act of creation. Through creating, we find out who we really are and what we are truly made of.
“When you are thinking about doing something and it feels scary, when it feels like this big lion is waiting at the finish line and he’s roaring and he’s ferocious and he’s going to tear you apart… you should just run toward that lion anyway. Run to the roar.”(Tina Essmaker)

The painting will be shipped ready to hang ONLY to Canada and USA and ROLLED, in a sturdy long box, to international locations outside continental North America.

- Title: Chronic desire
- Medium: Mixed media
- Support: canvas, ready to hang
- Size: 40" x 60" x 1.5"
- Two coats of protective gloss varnish are applied to protect the painting from UV rays and dust. Back wired.
- Painting is signed and dated by the artist as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.