About Me

“What makes a tight circle or a tight little square box more of an intellectual statement than something done emotionally, I don't know. Art is an essence, a center." Eva Hesse


Andrada, born in Romania, moved to Montreal, Canada, where her dreams to became a full time artist transformed to reality.

When she creates art she prefers to let her natural instinct and spontaneity guide her. For her is the material used in artwork that has the quality to express something and tell the story. The guidance in creating art is coming from canvas and medium that she uses. Most of her works have a relief and a thick texture that give dimension to the piece. She has a symbiotic relationship with her art.

Andrada experiments with different mediums and her works, inspired by the nature, world mysteries and legends, suggest a duality between the abstract and figurative, between textures of mixed media and fine lines of drawing, between reality and fairy tale.

In the past time she moved from earth tones for which she feels a strong attraction being part of her Romanian roots, to an extremely broad color palette, ranging from very organic to the brightest colors of nature depending on the story the artist is wishing to tell. As a result her art exudes tremendous intensity and in every piece you can find her inner spirit.

Andrada’s works can be found in many private collections through Canada, United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Brazil and Europe.





L’espace Contemporain, Montreal, November, 2015

Stewart Fine Art Gallery, Sydney, July, 2015

Palais de Matera, Matera, Italy, Solo Exhibition, 2015

The Fourth Dimension Gallery, Toronto, 2014

Mediateca Provinciale, Matera, Italy, Solo Exhibition, 2014

Palazzzo Dell’Annunziata, Matera, Italy, 2014

Palais de Matera, Matera, Italy, 2014

Expression Art Gallery, Laval, 2013

Lamoureux Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montreal, 2013

Expression Art Gallery, Laval, December 2012

ERArt Gallery, Sarasota, 2012

Castle Gallery, Prague, 2011

CSA Show, Toronto, 2011

Rio Tinto Alcan, Montreal, 2010

Canadian Standards Association Show, Toronto, 2010

FOFA, Montréal, 2009

Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, 2009

Centre d’art la Salamandre, Montréal, 2009

Le Social, Montreal, 2008

Old Brewery Mission, Montreal, 2007

Vanier College, Montreal, 2005

Vanier College, Montreal, 2004




UROK Productions, televisions series “Mad Men”, 2014

University of Minnesota

University of Texas, San Antonio

English Bay College, Vancouver

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston

Children’s Hospital Orange County, California

Vanier College, Montreal

Canadian Standards Association, Toronto

Rio Tinto Alcan, Montreal

Rempart, Montreal

Rushmark Properties, Richmond

Marcin Lambirth, LLP, Los Angeles

Space as Art Interior Design, Sarasota

Vanessa Francis Design, Toronto

Crosby Design Group, Atlanta

Boston Art Inc., Boston

Luxury Design, Santa Monica

Goldsmith and Associates, Houston

Erica Slaw Design, New York

Sicily Robinson Design, Seattle

Boston Art Inc, Boston

Stewart Title Ltd, Mila, Italy

Indigo Retreat, Murrah Beach, Australia

Clifford Chance Law, Perth, Australia